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Our Communities Count: Census 2020 Take Action Toolkit

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

In the spirit of movement building and sharing, we are offering these resources to friends and allies to begin working with members and leaders to learn about the importance of the census, develop census plans, and advocate against the citizenship question.

What’s included in the toolkit:

1. Our Communities Count Intro to Census Workshop

This curriculum is organized so that organizers will be able to facilitate a session with their members and leaders. The workshop focuses on four key learning points: 1. The importance of the census and how it determines resources and representation for our communities. 2. The barriers to census participation for our communities. 3. Ways to take action to ensure our communities are counted at your organization. We welcome organizations to adapt this curriculum to meet the needs of your members and leaders. At the moment, we do not have the materials translated. If your organization is interested in supporting the translation of these tools, please contact us at We ask that you use this workshop with an acknowledgment that it is from / or adapted from AAPI FORCE.


2. Take Action Postcard

The postcards are a tool to mobilize your base to pressure Congress to support The Every Person Counts Act. You can print them on card stock and have folks fill them out and mail them. Be sure to fill in your Senator's name and address. We recommend having folks sign the postcard in person, collecting and sending in for them in order to ensure they get mailed.

3. Census Cat is Coming Comic

We created a comic for kids and parents to understand why the census is so important to children's lives. It is written very simple sentences for children and it would be great if you could add translated text in-house. On the last page, you will need to add your organization’s contact information because YOU are the census cat helpers. On the back cover, you will need to add your logo. This is to be printed on letter size paper, fold in half and staple in the middle. If you want to add your own logo & contact info in the comic:

  1. Use Photoshop/Indesign to edit the PNG Pages to add your Org Logo & Contact Info. Then print pages, fold, and staple into a booklet.

  2. No time & just want to use it ASAP? Print the PDF version & write in your Org Contact Info on Image#3.

Need Fact Sheets?

Asian American’s Advancing Justice (AAAJ) has launched a fantastic census website that includes factsheets. You can access factsheets at

Please feel free to contact us at to ask questions or let us know how you were able to use the materials!

Download the Take Action Toolkit for free!

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