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Lifting AAPI Voices

We find AAPI voices often missing from the mainstream debate on the key political issues of the day: immigration, health care, reproductive rights, the environment, workers rights, national security and education. Despite the important work of our member organizations on these issues, when AAPI voices do appear, they are not often voices from organized communities with a shared interest. Instead, they are often presented as token counterpoints to show that AAPI communities and communities of color are divided or opposed to solutions to immigration reform, affirmative action, and reproductive justice. In fact, polls have consistently shown AAPI voters to be supportive of social justice policies, but a vocal minority has been successful in casting AAPIs as self-interested. Finally, with the federal attempts to derail the 2020 census, AAPIs for Civic Empowerment Education Fund is building the necessary infrastructure to ensure that our communities will be counted.


Building Strong Alliances

Within the broader social justice movement, our organizations also possess a fundamental belief that AAPI leadership and voices are needed as part of a winning coalition with other people of color and allies, including the LGBTQ, immigrant rights, workers’ rights and environmental justice movements. This belief in alliance building is reflected in our participation with a range of local, state and national alliances.


In our efforts of building AAPI electoral power, it's also going hand in hand with building a large statewide alliance of People of Color led integrated voter engagement organizations through the Million Voters Project, where we are working to create a more diverse and engaged electorate. Our work to mobilize AAPI voters include mobilizing them on shared goals and agenda with black/brown communities.

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