AAPI FORCE-EF was born out of the grassroots organizing of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders for workers rights, environmental justice, racial justice, tenants rights, and the rights of women and LGBTQ+ communities. 

We build AAPI political power in coalition with other communities of color in California to fight for and WIN progressive policies, elect leaders who share our values, and hold electeds accountable to the communities that they serve. Through field campaigns, policy advocacy, and narrative change, AAPI FORCE-EF builds statewide voter empowerment infrastructure to build a progressive AAPI political bloc that cannot be ignored.


We support our network of grassroots organizations in door canvassing, phone banking, and event-based canvassing (such as Get Out The Vote campaigns). 

By identifying voters who share our values on topics like affordable housing, quality education, clean air and water, and safe jobs, we grow a voter base that can make a difference in local, statewide, and federal elections. 

By engaging voters year-round on issues they care about, we mobilize and empower an electorate that has been historically overlooked by traditional campaigns. 


We work in multiracial coalitions to lead and support legislative, budget, and ballot proposition campaigns. We seek to win progressive change in three key areas:

  • Expanding democracy to include and empower traditionally marginalized AAPI voters;
  • Progressive revenue reform to create more resources for our communities and demand that corporations pay their fair share; and
  • Economic justice, to transform the material conditions of working-class AAPI community members.


We work to shift mainstream narratives about AAPI politics through values-driven messaging, political education, and community-based storytelling. 

In collaboration with our network of grassroots organizations, we uplift the organizing and activism of working class AAPIs in California to ensure that the radical history of our communities are not erased by mainstream media narratives that seek to cause hate through mis/disinformation. 

Through digital organizing, earned media, and culturally competent and in-language outreach and communication, we ensure that our diverse AAPI communities receive the information they need in the languages they speak. 

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